Shut IMARC Down

Close down the IMARC conference, and replace it with a conference working alongside communities on the frontline of mining, environmental protectors and those who attend IMARC.

Blockade of the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) 2019. Image: Matt Hrkac/Flickr
  • Governments and corporations can – work with us to organise a different conference.
    • There’s many reasons why this is unlikely to happen. The growth/profit mindset of capitalistic governments and business is no accident. Under the current economic paradigm, corporations need to continuously expand and grow their profits if they’re to survive – creating a growth at all costs mindset. However, this paradigm doesn’t take into account that this continuous growth and expansion takes place in the context of a finite planet with finite resources that can’t be continuously plundered. We invite the governments and corporations to break out of this competitive profit-driven cycle and join us in conversation and action!
  • People and communities can: Blockade IMARC[1] while it continues to be a pro-extractivist[2] conference, create our own spaces for conversations, and elevate frontline voices. For inspiration, check out the recordings of the Beyond Mining: Protecting Land, Water and Life Conference from 2020.[3]


[1] Blockade IMARC,
[2] Beyond Extractivism,
[3] Beyond Mining: Protecting Land, Water and Life Conference,

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