An Invitation for Dialogue

Millions of people have been asking for change to protect land, water and life for a long time. As we observed most recently at COP26, most governments and corporations are not listening.

The Protecting Land, Water and Life Coalition has drafted a non-exhaustive summary of the changes we think could prevent the destruction caused by mining and extractive industries, create a fairer world, and how they can be achieved. We definitely don’t have all the answers, we want to use this as an invitation for dialogue.

Government and corporations hold the power to end this destruction. Realistically, while we would love to see governments and corporations enact these changes, we can’t rely on them to do right by us because of the profit and growth focused ways they operate[1]. To the governments and corporations: we invite you to show us solutions that put people and the planet first.

That’s why we’re also focusing on what everyday people can do to make this change a reality. We’ll create the world we know is possible when everyday people take power back into our own hands. This is why we’ve included ideas and examples from people who are already creating this new world, and ways that individuals, communities and groups can be part of the change. 

We invite everyone; from the government, to the IMARC delegates and anyone who agrees, disagrees with us or anywhere in between; to start this dialogue with us. Stopping the destruction and building something better needs serious change.

[1] For more information see pages 92-96 of Degrowth in the Suburbs.

How to read the invitation for dialogue

On each page, under each heading you’ll see what governments, corporations, and people and communities can do. Have a look through the list and see what you’re already doing. If it’s missing, please leave a comment and we’ll add it. If you’re an individual looking for ways to make change, have a read, find something you like, and work with your friends/neighbours/family/workmates to make it happen.

Nothing happens without individuals deciding to get involved, finding likeminded others, and working together to make change. Those working inside governments and corporations can make these changes, but more often they will do so when encouraged or forced by groups of everyday people. Each of the actions that governments and corporations can do will most likely happen only when people and communities persuade and push them. These ideas are meant to be a conversation starter, not a dogmatic list of what needs to happen. We want to share information and ideas and together come up with better ones, so critique and questions are encouraged. Join in the conversation!

How are you part of working towards them?

What would you add or change to these objectives? 

How could you be part of making this better world we know is possible? 

We got a lot of our information and inspiration for these objectives from the following resources:


Anisa, Matt, Nat, Skye and Yin who contributed their ideas, research and overall wisdom and expertise to the initial draft Invitation For Dialogue.

The Protecting Land, Water and Life Coalition acknowledge the First Peoples and traditional owners – and their ancestors – who’ve been custodians of the lands, which we fight to protect, for 60,000+ years. The sovereignty of these lands has never been ceded. We pay our respect to all Elders past and present.

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